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 HOA Membership and Amenities; Do they Really Matter?

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HOA Membership and Amenities; Do they Really Matter? Empty
PostSubject: HOA Membership and Amenities; Do they Really Matter?   HOA Membership and Amenities; Do they Really Matter? Icon_minitimeTue Jan 05, 2010 6:36 pm

HOA Membership and Amenities; Do they Really Matter?
An HOA ( Home Owner Association) membership is a selling point, a perk, an option, but, nothing more.

When buying a home you are buying a structure and the land parcel on which it is constructed. Anyone who tells you that you have to pay HOA fees for YOUR property is attempting to defraud you, as in, - breaking the law.

Even with the purchase of a cooperative-ship (CO-OP), where you are buying a percentage of a structure such as a unit in a skyscraper or minitower type of building, HOA has absolutely nothing to do with your purchase price-point and infrastructure including amenities fees, although HOA can be related to CO-OP amenities, unless you are buying into a condo that has concierge quality amenities and services included (valet, door, maid, maintenance, other light housekeeping, not including the general pre-requisite indoor gym and spa type amenities that are usually included with that type of (CO-OP) purchase), it’s not worth the added expense of an additional fee such as an HOA membership.

This is just one of the reasons why most homebuyers prefer free standing home purchases and construction over condos and/or CO-Ops and even some townhome communities have had problems wit this type of predatory fraudulent marketing scheme/tactic. Not to mention the fact that everyday, people everywhere mow their OWN lawns and trim their OWN trees (if they actually have any) for FREE. And for those who do decide to buy a CO-OP or condo, exactly why would someone with no actual house or lawn even be potentially, remotely interested in an HOA at all…? And with the foreclosure economy, it just doesn’t make sense, anyway.

So, be very wary of such pyramid scams when making your purchase. If you are being harassed in such a way, you can seek (legal) assistance within your city/county (in Las Vegas call (702) 486-4480 –for HOA litigation assistance ; or (702) 455-3898 for the Clark county neighbor justice Center (for other/homeowner discrimination issues)—please note; the contact numbers may be subject to change, so try the local Attorney General’s Office of the city/county in which you live is this is an issue).

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HOA Membership and Amenities; Do they Really Matter?
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